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Hey there Zombies and Zombie Fans, Mister Cantankerous here with what's new this week at Brain-Donors.Com.

Glad to see so many new faces among both the living and the dead here at Brain-Donors.Com.  Make yourself known by sharing your Zombie stories, pictures and what have you. That's what a Zombie social network is all about.

Trailer Park Zombie is currently hosting the "World War Z" trailer, until something better comes along. If you know of any new Zombie movies on the horizont, be sure to drop me a note so I can have a look at the trailers.

Enjoy your time here, and as always if you need any help navigating the site or using any of its features, please do not be afraid to drop me a message and pick my brain. Trust me I will pick your brain if the opportunity arises.

Now You're On Your Own.


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Featured Movie Trailer of the Week

Okay, so it's nothing whatsoever like the book, but it is a Zombie movie, and let's face it we Zombies can't be too picky when there aren't a lot of Zombie movies on the horizon. So enjoy this "World War Z" trailer until something better shambles along.

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