"We Only Love You For Your Brains"

So I got this idea for a fun lil game I want to try here on the forums.  For a while now I have been collecting pictures of strange, and bizarre food, and food items . The way this will work is simple; I will post a picture every day and you reply to the picture with a "I'd Eat That" or "I Ain't Eating That" with your reasons why or why not.

Don't worry if you didn't start from the beginning, feel free to catch up or just play along from whenever you joined the game. There are no losers in this game, it's all about having fun and commenting on weird food and stuff. If you find any weird food pics feel free to post them as a response we can all respond to those too.

Note: You will always find the most recent picture and replies on the highest numbered page in the thread. That is just how these forums work

So here is my pic No.1:


So would you eat it?

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I'd eat That!!...bacon wrapped Sausage or meatloaf of some kind look good...That would make a real tasty treat for Halloween..of any other time of the year..the bed of mashed potatoes looks good too..Ps. nice touch using onions for finger nails...LOL

"Looks a bit Chewie"

lol i agree looks like chewy

does this go with the hand at the beginning? makes an excellent combo


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