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The Penultimate Zombie Apocalypse Survival Shotgun

Hey kids, it's your old buddy Survivor Sam here with something I think you'll really get a bang out of.  Today we are gonna talk about Surviving and Shotguns! Boy doesn't that sound like fun?

As you know kids, in the past I've always sung the praises of the Henry Survival Rifle. Don't get me wrong I think that it is an awesome piece of survival gear, but with only .22 ammo it just doesn't have the kind of stopping power I personally want to have have in my hands when I have to go out on a long range Zombie Killing patrol. If you understand where I'm coming from then you can also imagine my delight when while enjoying my morning cup of Java in the mess hall today I came across a shotgun modification like the one I am about to show you. It is frickin' awesome! You kids are gonna absolutely love it! Here is what this beautiful piece of Zombie Survival badassery comes equipped with:

Two side saddles for quick reloading (and a total shotgun carrying capacity of 19 -- the shotgun itself holds 7+1) containing cartridges with bird shot, 00 buck shot, slugs and signal flares.

A  5" bayonet knife mounted to the barrel

A tactical flashlight/compass combo mounted to the barrel

A hollow butt-stock containing an emergency survival kit with baking pan, trash bag, fishing kit, 2 non-lubricated condoms (for water storage, NOT for fucking zombies), water purification tabs, reflective survival blanket (which may or may not be the best idea considering how much zombies love shiny things), a small first-aid kit, Carmex lip balm, a whistle, small Bic lighter and snare wire
a hollow vertical grip containing a small fire-starting kit (matches, striker, steel wool, WetFire brand fire starting material)

A hollow pistol grip containing a multi-tool

A saw that can be attached between the buttstock and gun handle for cutting down wood

A braided paracord gun sling

An American flag bandana

I mean short of a Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher what more could you possibly want? From a Survival standpoint it has all the features of a Henry as well as many features the standard Henry doesn't come equipped with. A big one being the ability to load bird and buck shot. I mean let's face it you ain't gonna shoot a duck or pheasant out of the air with a .22 (and if you can you're a way better shot then me, so more power to ya) and good luck trying to take down anything bigger than a rabbit with such a small caliber. While the Henry clearly has the advantage in overall range, small size, and weight, this baby has some serious stopping power. I don't know about you kids, but when it comes to taking out a Zombie your old buddy Survivor Sam would much rather blow a Zombie's head clean off it's shoulders than just rely on a tiny piece of lead bouncing around in it's skull. 

I saved the best part for last and you can find it after the jump. For now enjoy all these wonderful pics of this incredibly beautiful shotgun.

Now for the best part of all, are you ready for this Kids? You don't need to go searching the intrawebz for a Zombie Survival Surplus Store that carries this bad boy,  you can actually make this Survival Shotgun yourself! Holy Crap right?

The guy who designed this weaspon has provided step by step instructions with pictures telling you exactly how to modify a shotgun so that you are ready to kick Zombie Ass and survive come Z-Day! Here is the link to the article by Creek Stewart telling you exactly what you need to do. In addition to showing you what to do, Creek also gives the reasons why he made the choices he did when constructing this weapon. So go have a look for yourself and be sure to leave some props for Creek in the comments section, or visit his personal website and tell him that Survivor Sam sent ya!

Well Kids, that's gonna be it for today. Keep your eye out for our next Survival Team Alpha cartoon, and remember what your old pal Survivor Sam always likes to say: Make sure you are always...

"Ready, Willing, and Able to Kick Zombie Ass!"

(editors note: if you'd like to see all the Survival Sam  Zombie Apocalypse survival lessons for kids you can find them all on Brain-Donor.Com TV)

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Comment by Amanda Rogers on April 28, 2012 at 11:33am

Sam, that's awesome! I've always favored a Benelli over/under with grenade launcher attatchment but this has it all for survival. I might have to add one to my collection.

Comment by Joe Deathwalker on April 27, 2012 at 10:13pm

friggen sweet. itd be so awesome to take one o' these out to blow holes in the zombie horde

Comment by Dr. Dee Kay on April 27, 2012 at 1:22pm

This is wicked awesome! I need one of these, but as I am not mechanically inclined mine will probably fall apart first time I tried to use it. Anyone willing to help me obtain one of these bad boys?

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